If Ralph could see me now!

If Ralph could see me now!

Out here in my favorite Colorado town, Telluride with an awesome Cross Fit group from back east. 

Who should I run into at the the Coffee Cowboy after an amazing hike, but my boss from the Fashion Industry days... Ralph Lauren and his wife Ricky! Great conversation and memories. 

Long gone are the days of cashmere suits, crocodile shoes, pearls, champagne and elegant showrooms. Now replaced by hiking attire, muddy boots, backpack and wide open spaces.

He asked me if I liked this life better. I replied, I love it! Fresh air, mountains, streams and waterfalls, and an office with endless views...the trail.

Truthfully, I Loved working in NYC, dressing up everyday, working in the showroom, traveling to many resort towns to work personally with clients, and exploring the world...  in Ralph Lauren style!

The right place at the right time in my 20's. 

I shared with him that I often say while out on the trail with friends, " If Ralph could see me now!" as I am wet and covered in mud! We had a good laugh together and hugs. Only in Telluride! 

Magic is in the air.

A Blessed Life!

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Sunday, 25 February 2024

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