A Journey of Pleasure, Pain and Inspiration...The New York City Marathon 2015

A Journey of Pleasure, Pain and Inspiration...The New York City Marathon 2015

50,000 runners, nagging hip pain and an achilles issue prevented proper training for the marathon. The path I chose: More rest and less running to allow my body to heal.  This course of training or lack of had its benefits and its costs.

nyc marathon start

Helpful for training and racing:

  • Epsom salts bath
  • Nikken magnets and kinetic tape
  • Compression socks
  • Compression shorts
  • Cooking whole foods
  • Rest/sleep
  • Occasional deep tissue massage
  • Easy trail runs on soft ground

epson salts bath

I have had Epsom salts in my closet for many years, but only recently tried them out of sheer desperation to quiet the throbbing pain in my left hip. These salts are a miracle! For 3 weeks I have been taking a 20 min Epsom salt bath daily and I have slept through the night with no pain! Highly recommend these cheap, easy and relaxing soaks.

Magnets on Hip and Achilles

kinetic tape magnets

Organic tomatoes , basil, garlic , olive oil..

health cooking

nyc marathon medal

The Verrazano Bridge takes you directly into Brooklyn where you run almost half the distance of the entire marathon! Born in Brooklyn with parents and grandparents that settled there, running through the streets was very invigorating. The cheering of the crowds made an iPod unnecessary. There was music, cheering and positive energy throughout the entire route of the course.

susan inspiration

A Journey of Inspiration...

It has been a dream for more than two decades to run the NYC marathon alongside someone who was blind. The blind have heightened senses and are acutely aware of the present moment. Sharing an experience together is real and connected. Aaron and I were slated to run the NYC marathon together, but he was unable due to illness, so I ran it alone (physically), but Aaron's spirit was always with me. When my muscles tightened and knotted up, and my lack of training and injury surfaced in the last nine miles, I remembered Aaron's optimism, courage, will , and humor. 

Stay Strong... even when you don't want to. I thought of Aaron Every step of the way when things got tough out on the course.
Thank you Aaron Hale. You are my Hero and role model of the Possible Human. I hope to share another journey with you whether it be a marathon or the summit of Kilimanjaro! — with Aaron Hale.

compression socks

Compression socks and compression skort, very helpful in preventing muscle fatigue.

If Ralph could see me now!


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